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Daniel W Burgess


Daniel W Burgess I am currently an Animal Control Officer in the state of California. I have extensive knowledge of domestic pets, and have recieved a plethora of training with animals. 

I got my start with writing in High School. I started writing poetry in my freshman year, and by my senior year I had won several Poetry Slams with cash prizes. 

Since then I have continued to write, and have explored many different styles of writing.

I am a musician, an avid gamer, a photographer, and I love the outdoors. I compete in online games from time to time, and my teams have won cash competitions. 

I have a loving wife, a daughter, and a son on the way. I try my best everyday to be the best father I know how to be.

In 2004 I traveled to Ireland with a great teacher of mine, and learned so much about the culture and trials the Irish have. I hope to travel more as funds become available.

I started a home business a few years ago. I was buying and selling used books online, and making a decent profit. I had to stop in 2010 because it was too much work with my full time job. It provided a lot of experience though, and i hope to open the online bookstore again in the future.