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Cowboy Tom

Cowboy Tom is enamored with everything related to cowboys, rodeos, western history, western art, and anything else that is connected to the genre.

What's fascinating about cowboys (and cowgirls) is they were not only a part of American history, which is rich with western tradition, but were also part of the culture of many other countries, such as Australia and Argentina, as two examples.

We'll talk here about famous cowboys and cowgirls from the past, as well as the lifestyle and purpose of modern cowboys.

Being a cowboy is a way of life, and while cowboys may have a reputation of being rugged individualists, which many were and are, they have also been part of the overall fabric of society, contributing many things to the world we live in today.

The world wouldn't be the same without them. I, for one, have a great appreciation for their historical and continual contribution.