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Tony Sky

I am Tony Sky, aka Compu-smart, one of many authors who write articles. I have no graduate degrees or post-nominal suffixes after my name. So below is my CV.


I am a lifelong resident of London, where, from ages 1 to 25, I lived in numerous care institutions -- (no asylums) thankfully (yet). My world has been filled with people of every colour, race and religion. Every type of individual with every type of mental and physical or mental disability and life circumstances. Growing up in institutions, I have met some of the kindest, most genuine people in the world, as well as the complete opposite. Including con artists, scammers, rapists, robbers, murderers and psychopaths. Not forgetting, the staff and officers who were responsible for caring and looking after us who were just as bad.

My history and experience have taught me how to live and think in-and and-outside the many boxes, cubes, octagons, and other shapes of life. I am a critical thinker, a problem-solver, an inventor, innovator, and artist of a multitude of things (not conning).

As a critical thinker, I do not take everything at face value. I mentally store information like a jigsaw piece, and only fit the puzzle pieces together as I learn more about any given subject, until the pieces become a picture. I write based on the evidence, research, investigations and experiences I have continued to amass throughout my life. Furthermore, I consider myself to be the human equivalent of a 'carbon nanotube sponge of life', soaking up and purifying the toxicity that people sometimes cannot see. There are no rose-tinted spectacles or blinkers in my world.

I recognize the manipulative nature of subliminal advertising, passive bullying, and the many microscopic systemic injustices in the world, which are so vast and insidious, they often go unnoticed. I share my insights gained from decades of study, observation, and experimentation. Tell me not to do something, and I will do it just to see what will happen.

I have discovered (from a near experiences) that the healthiest food in the world can kill you (even an apple).... if you choke to death on it.

Internet, Computers Articles: I have been online since Windows 1998. I have experimented and used multiple browsers, antivirus, and anti-spyware programs, and multiple web chat clients throughout the years.

My curiosity has sent me all over the WWW. I know first-hand how amazing and useful, and how dark and dangerous, even deadly, this other world offers us from the comfort of our living rooms.

Thanks (you're still here) for taking the time to read all of my CV... (if you did:)

I hope you take the time to read my articles that interest you.

Have a great day.