Howdy howdy! My name is Cody Roan and I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and am still a resident of this great state. I'm 21 years old and through my love of writing I found this wonderful place to share my passion.

Currently I'm an A/V Technician for a pretty legit local business. I'm good with technology so I use that to make ends meet. Hubpages is just for practicing and sharing my words and art. 

I'd say my biggest aspiration currently is to make something of the band I'm in. I'm a singer and songwriter and I believe that the music is good, I'm confident in the lyrics and I'd have to say I've got a pretty decent voice, so to become a rockstar is only a matter of how much effort we decide to put into it. 

I'm a pretty easy-going guy with interests that range into whatever I'm feeling for that day. If you take a spin through my hubs I'm sure you'll get the picture. Thanks for checking out my profile, follow me if you like my work, leave me an email if you have any questions or requests.


My hub, "Honing the Body to Hone the Mind," won the Hubnugget accolade on December 7, 2011.